Specifications Owner Port of Registry Built Length Breadth Depth Carrying Capacity Clear Deck Area

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15m Single Screw Work Boat/Tug with 6.7T bollard pull

Specifications Length 26.64m Breadth 9.42m Depth 3.99m Horse Power 2000hp Bollard Pull 35TBP Free Run Speed (max) 9 knots Fuel Consumption 200L / hr Fuel Capacity 29,037L POT Water Capacity 10,031L Ballast Water Capacity 55,072L Lt Ship Displacement – Free Deck Space – Fire Fighting Owners Year Built 1971 Place Built Australia Call Sign YJS7403…

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23m ASD vessel with 26TBP

Specifications Length 23.7m Breadth 7.6m Depth 3.2m Horse Power Bollard Pull 26TBP Free Run Speed (max) 12.85knots Fuel Consumption 125L / hr Fuel Capacity 23,000L POT Water Capacity 11,000L Ballast Water Capacity Fire Fighting Year Built 1982 Place Built Kobe, Japan Call Sign YJS7405 Gross Tonnage 137.97GT Net Tonnage 40NT Official No. RV7239 / IMO…

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30.5m ASD Tug Vessel with 41T Bollard Pull

Specifications Length 30.5m Breadth 10.5m Depth 2.4m Horse Power 3000HP Bollard Pull 41TBP Free Run Speed (max) 11 knots Fuel Consumption 260L / hr Fuel Capacity 50T POT Water Capacity 22T Ballast Water Capacity – Year Built 1976 Place Built Japan Call Sign YJS7394 Gross Tonnage 238 Net Tonnage 71 Official No. RV-6615 / IMO…

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34m ASD vessel with 46TBP

Specifications Length 34m Breadth 10.82m Depth 5.43m Horse Power Bollard Pull 46T Free Run Speed (max) 12.3knots Fuel Consumption 350L / HR Fuel Capacity 126T POT Water Capacity 117T Ballast Water Capacity 69T Lt Ship Displacement – Free Deck Space – Fire Fighting Year Built 1982 Place Built Australia Call Sign YJS7411 Gross Tonnage 396GT…

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32m ASD vessel with 50TBP

Specifications Length 32.17m Breadth 10.6m Depth 5.34m Horse Power 3600hp Bollard Pull 50T Free Run Speed (max) 13 knots Fuel Consumption 350L/hr Fuel Capacity 138T POT Water Capacity 34T Fire Fighting Year Built 1984 Place Built Australia Call Sign YJS7409 Gross Tonnage 426GT Net Tonnage 128NT Official No. RV7323 Flag Vanuatu Port of Registry Port…

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