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Who We Are

Vanuatu’s premier marine services company

Ocean Logistics Limited delivers a comprehensive range of services to Vanuatu and the South Pacific. Our services include freight handling and transportation, marine construction, emergency response, marine salvage, project support, and equipment hire as well as tugs, landing craft, and barges for all of your needs.

Our team is ready at all times to mobilize our fleet of tugboats and barges for any mission. From cargo to construction on land and at sea, we also have a wide range of equipment that can accommodate your needs such as cranes, forklifts, loaders, and excavators.

Ocean Logistics has grown quickly regionally, rising to prominence in Vanuatu by providing affordable, reliable, and timely solutions to our customers. Our team is trained and equipped to tackle any project or problem that arises, and the safety and security of our clients and their cargo is our priority. Our team, resources, and ability to rapidly deploy for emergency response, an international voyage, or any need our customers may have is what makes Ocean Logistics an emerging leader in the region.

Our History

Ocean Logistics Limited was started in Port Vila, Vanuatu in 2010 with a tug, barge, and commitment to connecting isolated remote island communities to goods and services from Port Vila. Ocean Logistics has grown quickly since then, expanding to a fleet of vessels and barges along with a wide range of equipment to tackle any construction project. We quickly carved out a niche for ourselves as Vanuatu’s premier marine services provider, which has resulted in regional demand for our services.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide our clients in Vanuatu and the South Pacific with a comprehensive range of services, supported by the right vessels and equipment and a team of qualified and experienced personnel that are capable of delivering high-quality service at all times.

Our Management Team

Our multi-national management team has over 65 years in maritime logistics and services.

Andrew Bohn

Chief Executive Officer

Andrew Bohn studied Maritime Transportation at the California Maritime Academy and currently sails as an unlimited tonnage deck officer. He served with distinction for eight years as an Infantry Officer in the United States Marine Corps, operating in the Middle East, Afghanistan, and Southeast Asia.


Sean Griffin

Chief Operating Officer

Sean Griffin specializes in diesel engines & power generation. He has extensive experience working with both marine and shore-side power generation and repairing mechanical equipment. Sean holds a 200-ton Master License and has years of experience operating tugs and barges throughout Vanuatu and the South Pacific.


Freddy Takaro

Assistant Operations Manager

Freddy Takaro has a degree in accounting from the University of South Pacific and is a cornerstone of Ocean Logistics Limited. Freddy’s unparalleled dedication and attention to detail help to keep things running smoothly, efficiently, and on budget.

Our Partners

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