domestic shipping vanuatu

Domestic Shipping

Our landing craft Ocean Chief provides service to all islands of Vanuatu, facilitating reliable shipping to support remote communities and their continued development.

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Ocean Chief is 36.1m in length and 7.5m wide with a cargo capacity of 300DWT. Ocean Chief’s mission supports Vanuatu’s remote communities and non-commercial destinations, targeting the Northern Islands such as Malakula, Epi, and Santo. Ocean Chief’s trips provide a reliable lifeline to these communities by transporting essential supplies, construction materials, and other cargo while facilitating inter-island passenger movement. Ocean Chief can be easily chartered to any island within Vanuatu by simply contacting us.

ocean towing south pacific vanuatu

Ocean Towing

Our tugboats are prepared any time to do short tow and long-haul tows in Vanuatu and the South Pacific.

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Ocean Logistics are here to help you transport any equipment whether it be in Vanuatu or the South Pacific we will travel and make sure that the best service is provided. We handle short and long haul tows with the most paramount safety and equipment. The tugs are ready to go whenever there is a job whether it’s delivering, picking up or towing a vessel we are prepared to go.

Emergency Response South Pacific

Emergency Response

Our vessels are prepared to assist other vessels in distress in the South Pacific region with marine fire fighting, vessel/ship lightering, damage stability and other rapid marine emergency response services.

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We are here to assist all types of vessels in distress all around the South Pacific region, whether it be collecting crew/passengers or towing a vessel back to safety. We have all kinds of equipment to help out in an emergency situation and are prepared to leave at any times as we know that these types of situations are time critical. We have a tug based in Santo and Port Vila which allows us to reach vessels quicker depending on the position.

Marine Salvage & Oil Spill Response

Ocean Logistics is a regional expert in marine salvage and oil spill response. We are well-equipped and ready to quickly respond to maritime disasters to prevent loss of life, property, and damage to the marine environment.

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Ocean Logistics has essential equipment to assist with marine salvage and oil spill response. We have tugboats, barges, containment equipment, and a Marco skimmer to respond to any incident, prevent widespread damage to the marine environment, and recover oil that has been accidentally discharged.

Maritime disasters require an immediate response to preserve sea life and protect communities, and we stand ready to help our local islands and neighbours in the South Pacific. Our trained oil spill response teams have experience removing oil from the marine environment and coastlines, helping affected communities to recover as quickly as possible.

Maritime Construction and Support

Project Support

Ocean Logistics is a regional marine operator and has the experience to support the construction industry for all projects, including crew transportation and logistics, barge and equipment supply, equipment transportation, wharf maintenance, and refurbishment of maritime structures.

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Ocean Logistics provides support in Vanuatu and across the region for the building and construction industry. We can support marine and terrestrial projects with our fleet of tugboats, deck barges, and crane barges as well as with our construction equipment that can be transported and used while on the barge or onshore. Our experienced team has supported infrastructure, development, and climate adaptation/mitigation projects around the region.

Equipment Hire

Ocean Logistics has the construction equipment you need – both onshore and offshore. Enquire today for a quote for the equipment you need whether in Port Vila, remote Vanuatu, or regionally.

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Ocean Logistics can meet your equipment needs: Vessels, cranes, barges, excavators, generators, or whatever else you need to complete your project. We offer equipment rentals, or we can provide equipment and skilled operators to work for you. Contact us today to discuss your needs, whether long-term or short-term, and how we can assist.

Climate Change South Pacific

Climate Adaptation

Ocean Logistics has assisted with climate adaptation projects around the region. We are committed to assisting Vanuatu and the Pacific Islands Countries with responding to current climate challenges and dealing with the detrimental effects of rising sea levels.

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Ocean Logistics is here to help in any way to slow down climate change for us in Vanuatu and our neighbours in the South Pacific. As we know they can have major impacts to those who live on the islands and can also effect the sea life in the long run which is what we want to prevent.

harbour assist vanuatu

Tug Assist

Our vessels are available and on-call for tug assist to ensure safe arrivals and departures in both Port Vila and Santo.

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Ocean Logistics has tugs based in Port Vila and Santo for tug assist. Tug assist is important for ensuring maritime and port safety and for the protection of Vanuatu’s pristine marine environment. We stand ready to provide tug assistance during transit to or from berth, including assistance during mooring and unmooring operations.

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