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15m Single Screw Work Boat/Tug with 6.7T bollard pull

Specifications Length 27.6m Breadth 8.53m Depth 4.69m Horse Pull 2500 HP Bollard Pull 41 T Free Run Speed (max) 10.5 Kt Fuel Consumption 260 L / hr Fuel Capacity 82 T POT Water Capacity 19.81 T Ballast Water Capacity 44 T Fire Fighting 2 x 3″ fire hose pumps Owners Ocean Logistics Limited Year Built…

15m Single Screw Work Boat/Tug with 6.7T bollard pull

The Arnhem is a 15m Single Screw tug vessel with 6.7T bollard pull. She has worked on the Brisbane river and near coastal, pushing large 1000T barges for 30 years. She is suitable for supporting maritime construction projects.

Tugboat Melissa

28.5m Single Screw Tug Vessel with 23T Bollard Pull

The Spring Cove is a single screw, 23TBP tugboat with a 1620bhp Mirrlees National engine. She is ideal for towing heavy loads and long ocean voyages. Also suitable for ship berthing harbour operation, and has been used successfully in offshore salvage operations.